AHS New And Approved Dress Code By Marcus Kenck

Marcus Kenck, Reporter

The dress code has evolved by letting students dress how they want.

Stephen Garcia, otherwise known as First Sergeant, was the one to talk to the teachers and principals about letting the students express themselves. Though, some students like to take advantage of the dress code and not follow it. For an example, students wear ripped jeans and shorts that are too high above the knee.

“I felt that each individual has a right to dress somewhat the way they like, we need to make good relationships with the kids.” Garcia said.

New changes to the dress code are: basketball shorts, sweatpants, t-shirts, ripped jeans below the knee, male facial hair, earrings, and makeup are allowed, and girls can also wear tights under shirt’s that go past their butt.

“I like the dress code because it gives the students the freedom to wear what they want within boundaries.” Said Jessica Tompkins, a teacher at AHS.

Students are happy about the dress code because they can express themselves the way they want. Lots of kids get to wear their favorite t shirts, and boys at the school can now have clean facial hair and earrings.

“It is a lot more lax, student friendly, and takes away the guessing on what to wear.” Said Rodney McFarland, an assistant principal.