Homecoming Royalty


Year after year students look forward to many traditions reserved only for seniors. One such privilege is running for Homecoming King and Queen. After the nominations are collected, students spend about a week campaigning; posting flyers, hanging poster boards, and handing out trinkets for classmates to use as advertisement for their favorite couple. Some even use sweet treats to reach the hearts of their intended voters.

Once the campaigning is done, the student body votes for their favorite five girl candidates and five boy candidates. A final vote, a few days later, determines the final winner who will not be announced until Homecoming night.

Underclass representatives take the field before senior reps, smiling and waving as the loud speaker announces the names and escorts of each grade level’s winners. Taking the field next, all 10 senior representatives make their way onto the field with their chosen escorts, awaiting the moment when the announcer will finally say the names of the final winners… the King and Queen.

This year’s big moment became a lifetime memory for King Eloi Fernandez and Queen Alyssa Moscot.

“I felt so happy. It was a fun experience,” Moscott said. “It felt good knowing all the hard work and  the campaigning paid off,” she said.

You can expect that the female candidates would be excited to run, what little girl hasn’t dreamed of being crowned as queen of anything? However, it can sometimes e harder to convince the guys to run.

“I just wanted to do something fun for my senior year,” Eloi said. “When they called my name I was happy, excited, and joyful,” he said.

Serving as underclass winners were:

  • Freshmen Anthony Villarreal and Bailey Farmer
  • Sophomores Hayden Mattox and Tristan Barajas
  • Juniors Albert Recendez and Leah Santos, and Pedro Carrazco and Guiselle Alverez