Moments To Last A Lifetime


Last night, seniors from AHS enjoyed their final moments a a seniors, and now look forward to new beginnings, as they celebrated their graduation at Freedom Field. Graduation began at 7:30 PM, and showcased student speakers as well as Principal Karen Taylor and superintendent Carol Nelson.

Valedictorian Trenton Parker and salutatorian Wyatt Rayhill each addressed their peers with a final message, as friends, family and staff listened intently.

“Last night was a fantastic ceremony where we were able to celebrate the accomplishments of all of our students,” associate principal Kami Day said. “The last couple years have been tough with the pandemic, and we were excited to have an amazing opportunity to celebrate all the things they accomplished in high school.”

One aspect that makes Alvin ceremonies special is a tradition where the senior class nominates six teachers to read names at graduation. In addition, senior sponsor Sienna Flores works hard to pull off a special, joyous event for seniors each year.

“Graduation went so well,” Flores said. “The hat toss at the end was epic.¬† I wish the class of 2021 the best in all of their future endeavors, and I hope they say hi to me when they see me.”

Crowds were loud and cheers came from the audience as each name was called. Students received many hugs and fist bumps of encouragement  from peers and staff members.

“Hopefully students know that teachers here will be cheerleaders for them for the rest of their lives,” Day said.¬† “I am excited to hear the plans of what seniors will do next, and it is fun to see the hard work over the past 13 years to pay off. ”



Please enjoy the photo gallery below from last night’s event: