Meet Our New APs

Jennifer Anderson, an AP, has lived in the Houston area most of her life, though she attended high school in Virginia. She has been working in education for 18 years, and spent the first 17 at Alvin Junior High.

“My favorite thing about Alvin High School is working with all the kids,” Jennifer said.

Heather Perimon, a new AP, has spent all of her 15 years working in education at Alvin ISD. she started as a special education teacher and has been an assistant principal for the last 11 years, she came from Assets and JBH Career Center.

“I’m excited to work with Alvin high school and it’s great team of administrators and all the wonderful kids and programs we have on campus,” Heather said.

Kami Day, the Associate Principal, has been working in the district for 5 years. She originally worked for 3 years at Shadow Creek and spent a few years as an AP at a Junior High.

“I grew up in Friendswood near Alvin and wanted to come back to the area. I liked the west end, near where I lived, and wanted to get to know the whole district- east and west,” Kami said.

Christy Kennard has been an AP at Alvin High School for 4 years, but before this, she taught ESL at the High School, and 4th grade math and science at Duke Elementary.

“I love high school students! I get to meet so many awesome kids that I am confident will grow up to do great things in our community. I also love the campus; I get to walk outside between classes and don’t feel stuck inside all day,” Kennard said.