Welcome, Alvin Jackets!

Kacie Bass

Just like many other starts to  new school years, we have new faces around the school. These new faces include faculty members such as a new football coach, two new band directors, a new choir director, and several new assistant principals. One of the new faces is a known face, however. Karen Taylor, former assistant principal, is now the new Principal of Alvin High School.

“Welcome to the new school year, Yellowjackets,” Taylor said. “I’m your new principal, Mrs. Taylor. I look forward to a great year of learning and fun. It’s a great day to be a jacket. You’ll see a lot of new faces, and we’ll just continue our Jacket way of welcoming them to our campus.”

Some renovating has been made in AHS. The councilors are moving to the assistant principal offices, so each office will house a secretary, attendance clerk, counselor, and an AP. And the front office is being moved to the former attendance office.

“It just looks more like a front office,” Taylor said. “I think it’s a little more welcoming. It has a bunch of windows and it’s not just one little door. So that’ll be a change.”

Today, AHS is getting the year going by hosting freshmen orientation and schedule pick up for the rest of the students. Last year, AHS didn’t have a scheduled pickup because it was all done digitally on Skyward. However, Taylor said it is important for students to come get their schedules.

“There’s just something about having that schedule in your hands, coming up here, seeing a few of your friends, maybe going around and checking out where your classes are that signals, ‘Hey, schools about to start, and we get excited about that,’” Taylor said. “Alvin High school isn’t as scary as you might think. Even though it is a big campus, we are still here to help you. We’re still going to show you where your classes are, show you from point A to point B. The first day might be a little intimidating, but after that, you got this,” Taylor said.